Easter and all the brightly colored plastic stuff that comes with it 

I don’t know whether it’s because I’m a mom now and find myself paying more attention to these things, but I’m really noticing this year how Easter has become so much about stuff. The bunnies, the chocolate, the gifts (“Easter gift”?) and the kid outfits. My Twitter feed is full of ideas on what to put in your baby’s Easter basket (yes, babies get those apparently and if they don’t, you are a questionable mother), how to choose a cute Easter outfit, plan props for your Easter photo shoot and select the perfect Easter gift. Since when do people give Easter gifts? Was this always a thing? Was I just shielded from all the Easter commercialism because I came from an immigrant and somewhat esl family?

I came to Canada with my mom and dad when I was seven years old. My parents weren’t religious and we didn’t go to church often. We celebrated Easter because of our culture and Bulgarian traditions. My mom baked delicious Bulgarian Easter bread and cookies and we painted eggs. We did tie dye eggs, stencils, and other cool designs. I loved Easter because it meant spending time with my Mama and doing something fun and creative together. 

This year will be my baby girl’s first Easter. 

I want her to grow up the way I did – enjoying the simple and beautiful things in life. 

I worry it won’t be possible though. I worry our society has taken everything simple and pure and loaded it with consumerism and stuff. Just take one trip to your local supermarket this Saturday and you’ll see what I mean. Toys, ribbons, cards, stuffed animals, and every other brightly colored plastic you can imagine. 

As mothers, we are under so much pressure to buy stuff, exchange stuff with other people, and hoard the stuff in our house only to repeat the whole thing all over again next year.
Happy Easter everyone and I hope you enjoy the most beautiful thing about Easter – spending some time with someone you love 💚🌷


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