I adopt ‘hospice babies’ no one else wants; here’s why – TODAY.com

This woman is an angel. Something about this story a few months ago affected me so strongly that I kept coming back to it, reading and re-reading. It made me think of our society’s relationship with death. People are uncomfortable with death and try to distance themselves from the dying, both emotionally and physically. As someone who has witnessed my closest loved one, my mother, fade and pass away before my eyes, I can say that it’s the most difficult thing I have ever been through.

This woman is an angel for opening her home and her heart to these babies. She is sending the message that their lives are worth it. They are worthy of love and care, even though their lives will be short and meaningless, by our society’s standards.

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On Being a Motherless Mother | Huffington Post

I’ve loved the writings of Claire Bidwell Smith since I stumbled upon this article last year. I was very pregnant and feeling very low. I was missing my mother and thinking about what my motherhood experience will look like without her. It was comforting to know there are women out there having the same fears, the same worries, and the same thoughts that I was.

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