Reflections on the Long Island Medium live show

A couple of weeks ago, I went to see Theresa Caputo, aka, the “Long Island Medium” from TLC’s hit show. She had a live show here and since my friend is a huge fan, we decided to make a girls’ night out of it. I’ve seen her show on TV and despite being a bit of a skeptic when it comes to psychics/ mediums, I’ve always gotten the sense that she does possess some kind of gift of connecting with departed souls. I liked her on TV; she seemed authentic, with her big personality, even bigger hair, and love for her family.

No, she didn’t do a reading for me. No, my mom didn’t miraculously send me a message through her. No, she didn’t single me out in the crowd to tell me that my mother loves me and is proud of the woman I’ve become. Nevertheless, here’s a few thoughts from my experience.

My favourite part of her appearance wasn’t actually the readings she did. It was the way she spoke about grief. It’s natural and it’s necessary, she said. It’s with us in our time of loss and long after. There is no expiration date on grief.

Long story short, there were some interesting moments for me. Yes, she was able to pinpoint some key information about people’s deceased loved ones. For example, she knew that one guy in the audience had lost his mom to breast cancer before he could even say one word. Unfortunately, I also found her to be dismissive at times and even cold.

I guess her live shows have become like a challenge to her, seeing how many live audience members she can accurately “read” by channeling their lost loved ones. Maybe one-on-one, her gift would seem more special and meaningful. In a crowded arena of 5000 people, however, she came off as cold and gimmicky.

What made me uncomfortedble was the way she dismissed people desperate for information on their loved ones. She would pick random people from the audience, get the story of their loved one’s death, give them a few words, and then shuffle along to the next person in her glittery Laboutins. It was just weird and uncomfortable. She had one woman recount in agonizing detail the suicide of her 13-year old son. She gave her some generic shpiel about death and grief and moved right along. The sobbing woman was left standing there when the camera man walked away, following Theresa down the aisle.

When my friend and I were leaving, a guy was passing out flyers at the exit. My friend grabbed one, not looking at it until we were outside, away from the crowd. “Oh my gosh, it’s your Mom. She’s sending you a sign, even though Theresa didn’t go a reading for you” my friend said. I looked at the flyer in her hand and there it was – Mama Mia, the musical, coming to the arena in November. Mama Mia was one of my Mom’s favourite movies. She and I had seen it probably over twenty times.

There it was – my Mom was with me. She may not have come through in a “reading” at the show, but all of a sudden, none of that mattered. I felt a sense of peace. She is with me – at that moment and always.

I’m curious to know if any of you have ever been to a medium? How was your experience? I still believe… at least, I really, really want to.